The following are smorgasbord options/possibilities that musicians might want in their web site, depending on their services/products:

HOME PAGE – dramatic/classy/stylish to represent who they are, the type of music, the level of quality  - similar to a restaurant’s marquis/menu/”shingle” outside to convey “what’s inside”.   Can be a static image (instrument, headshot) or a flash motion graphic (animation or text movement).  Goal is to instantly confirm in the viewer’s mind that this is what they’re looking for – they’ve found the right page.

ABOUT – Credentials and information that exude quality, reliability, musicianship.  Artist Statement.

PORTFOLIO – For performers, MP3 (or video) excerpts (or complete performances) of your music.  For composers/publishers, MP3 audio and PDF reference/sample scores.   Make it enticing for the viewer to browse and snoop around – text-only title lists can be dry and uninspiring to click thru

SALES/PRODUCTS – CDs for sale online (e-commerce), with excerpts, description, images, track listing.  Connect with the viewer to provide a compelling or emotional reason that they have to have your music. Easy methods for purchasing CDs or 0.99 tracks for itunes and MP3 players. (technical possibilities: stamp in a custom serial number (that your database tracks) in the MP3 file so you can track piracy).   Or for publishers, similarly MP3 excerpts and sample PDF scores (with dark watermarks DO NOT COPY or equivalent).  (technical possibilities: for the sold PDF score, it would of course have no watermark, but have imprinted noticeably 1 COPY SOLD TO “customer name” with permission to perform but not copy nor resell (whatever your licensing is; AND then visible but not noticeable (hidden amongst the score staffs in the middle) a serial number for tracking piracy)

PRESS RELEASES, MEDIA KITS (MEDIA/PUBLICITY SELF-SERVICE DOWNLOAD AREA) – This section of your site is for newspapers and impresarios to copy and paste your bio, concert theme info, program notes, and lots of hi-res images (headshots, performances, instruments, dramatic/artful pictures of scores) – all to make it easy and enticing for reporters et al. to publicize you easily.  In fact, include an article (pre-written for-the-taking) that they can steal or adapt (they’re under the gun, so make it a win-win).
List of press review quotes.

CALENDAR – Owner-editable page of upcoming performances (to publicize to your following) and past performances (to lend credibility and resume detail)

REVIEWS (“IN THE MEDIA”) – Articles & Reviews/quotes 

CONTACT - Can be multiple web forms: simple CONTACT, Gig/Booking Inquiry, Customer Service (for e-commerce)




RELATED SERVICES: provides graphic design and printing services for business cards, posters, brochures provides a wide variety of commercial and art photography (headshots, group shots, instruments) as well as imaging services (photoshop editing services, etc.) provides a self-contained service for wedding musicians to assist the bride in online selection of service music. Your musician account with WMA can be customized to present only wedding titles that are in your repertoire. WMA can be customized and re-branded to appear to be your own site. You can upload your own MP3 examples or use those from our "universal" library.