Photography & Artwork Protfolio Formats for Web Presentation

There are many ways to present your images in your web site portfolio. Below are some examples of technologies, at the top are the least expensive to create, at the bottom the most expensive.



1 image per page, and NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons to look at them one at a time
Simple to view Cannot see more than one at a time, and are forced to go in order. Some viewers are frustrated by this limited style
Somewhat awkward to update

All on one page, you scroll down to see more
Example (a little more involved: has both the hierarchy and the "next image" feature on each large-picture page)

Very simple to create these pages.
Easy for the viewer to compare and see the body of work at one time
Some people might find this style cluttering and they cannot concentrate on just one image at a time. (we can space them out more too)
Conveyor Belt

Clean, sophisticated look.

Some see this as too bulky to operate for non-computer-literate users.

Some might see this as gimmicky

Slide Shows:
Javascript slide changer
Flash animation slide show dissolve

A technically sophisticated approach with thumbnails
(Click on the little arrows in the middle of the page to see more thumbnails and then click on a thumbnail to see the enlargment at the bottom of the page)
Clean, sophisticated look.

$90 license fee for this style (a one-time charge) in addition to the web creation labor.
See cons for top option

Some see this as too bulky to operate for non-computer-literate users.

"Simpleviewer" is a free flash portfolio viewer.
There are many scripts that can be adapted for elegant portfolio presentations.