Sample FORM using smartmail web form to send you email
containing the results of what your visitor filled in on this form.

The key cgi routine is:

This example form is inoperative as-is because the domain name and email addresses have not been customized for your purposes. You would edit these (in the html code) and place this html file within your own web site.

We are happy to share this example with you for your own editing and usage.
However, unless you are a web design client or hire us for consulting, support for setting up mechanisms like this on your site are beyond the hosting support we can provide under your hosting plan.
(We also recommend a similar, free PHP script found at

The filename extension for this cgi usage example is "php" which is equivalent to "html" except it allows the php interpreter to process functions like the following:

All IP numbers accessing this page are logged for security purposes.

Your IP address is:

You can name your file .php or .html, based on whether you want any php functions executed for your usage. (The usage of PHP here is not necessary for the successful implementation of FormMail-clone.cgi-- cgi and PHP are different mechanisms to execute scripts on the servers, and PHP is used here only for extra functions)

Tel Number:
Street/Apt #:
Referral ID:

Example of Radio Buttons:
Red    Blue

Billing Period: Payment:

Special Notes/Requests:

I agree to the company's terms & conditions:

In this example, if you click on SUBMIT above, it will give an error message(below in red) because of a mismatch between the bolded domains:

  • This file is located within the web site:
  • The email address's domain name (within the form's html code) is

Sorry I can't send to
Is on this server

The email address's domain name must be where this page resides.