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Mail Reader Set Up Information

Eudora is a mail reader client program that runs under your MS Windows operating system.

Eudora connects to the mail server via your internet connection (cable modem, dialup, DSL). Mail may be composed and read offline, but make sure that you are connected to the internet before sendinng or receiving mail.

Install Eudora and then configure it to point to the server. To do this, start Eudora and select Special from the menu bar. Then select Settings.

  • Leave the entries for PH, and Finger blank.
  • Fill in for your POP Account (username replaced with your username and replaced with your domain name).
  • Fill in SMTP Server as  Note: Some ISPs will not let you use any other SMTP server other than their own, so you may have to use your ISPs outgoing mail server instead. Contact your ISP for information for the URL of their mail server.
  • Under advanced network features, select 90 seconds for your network timeout.
  • The option Save Password should be checked.
  • The Authentication Style should be password option.
  • Under Connection Method, do not check the offline option.

If you have multiple email addresses (accounts), you can install a separate copy of Eudora for each email address. Newer versions of Eudora allow for multiple personalities. You can enter each POP/Login email account as a separate personality and download mail from all or some of these accounts at the same time.

Eudora "Light" is freeware offered by Qualcom and can be downloaded over the net. Eudora "Pro" must be purchased.