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Web Hosting Plan C

"Just Get Me on the Web"

Starter Page  -  $75/year





Your hosting account plan determines the capabilities you'll have with your web and email access.

Plan C is a great "starter" option for new businesses, hobbies, personal visibility, or just getting a foot in the door on the web.

Plan C Summary/Example:

  • Flat fee of $75/year, payable at the beginning of the period
  • Includes hosting, domain name registration (name based on your choosing and availability)
  • You own your domain name (but we cloak it from spamming for you unless you request otherwise)
  • Email forwarding  (ex: is forwarded to your inbox)
  • Includes one web page and associated web design labor, based on:
    • Page title you give us
    • Final text you give us to post (can include links to other sites), with simple paragraph formatting, including bold and italics, all one font (serif or sans serif; see note about web page fonts)
    • 1 image (jpg or gif) - can be a headshot, or logo
    • A simple, business-like template design and color scheme

  • Does not include: (choose Plan D ($125/year) or other options to meet these needs)
    • More than one web page
    • A sophisticated design for your web page, involving multiple images and graphics
    • No flash animations
    • No FTP access needed, we do all the work for you


Hosting Plan Details & Pricing

(Footnote explanations in parentheses)

Plan Type
(per year)
US $

Your Own
Domain Name
Included Free

POP Mailboxes
with SpamBT™

Web pages
FTP account
Disk Space
(bytes) (8)
(web traffic)

per month

(bytes) (9)
1 page &
1 image (5)
100K web

"EMAIL Protect" (upon request)
Use our surrogate email in your domain registration WHOIS record. (This public listing of your email address is a common source of spam address harvesting.)

DOMAIN LOCK - protect against unauthorized transferring of your domain name

AUTO RENEW - We automatically renew your registration unless you instruct us to cancel. This assures that you'll have uninterrupted service.

+$10 (per year)
"Complete ID Protect"
(Private Registration)
Hide your name, phone, address, email in the public registration records (WHOIS)
Contact for quantity discounts

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  1. No setup fee for any hosting plan or upgrade
  2. Domain names are chosen by you, subject to name availability on the Internet. We can host domain name that you already own, but there is no discount. See help for selecting your domain name. One free domain name per account purchased, however additional domain names can be purchased for $10/year and "mapped" to the same account to provide a sort of synonym or alias.
  3. Email forwarding allows you to use an email address with your own domain name (selected by you and registered by us) and have it forwarded to a mailbox that you have hosted somewhere else (for instance: your connectivity ISP provider may give you a mailbox that has their domain name as a part of it--your new domain name email address would remain the same if you need to change ISP providers; or you could have your domain name email forwarded to your work email address)
  4. Not included: An Email POP mailbox is a full-featured mailbox which collects incoming email until you access it with your mail reader (such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora). A POP email account has a mail server, username, and password associated with it. You can access a POP email box via various web reader sites, such as, or via your Cpanel "webmail" facility.
  5. One web page is offered, with 1 image. You supply the text and image. Edits after the initial approval are at web design rates, 1/4 hour labor rate minimum
  6. Upgrade to Plan D at any time if you need more than one web page, or if you need more mailboxes.
  7. Not included: FTP (file transfer protocol) is the method by which you "publish" (upload) your web pages (text and images). FTP accounts are necessary for you (or your web designer) to manage/change your own web site. Similar to other types of computer accounts, an FTP account gives you your own username and password. You use your own application (computer program) to perform the FTP uploading operations. There are several options for these applications:
  8. Disk Space Storage is the quota (maximum limit) for total storage disk space that your files consume (MB or KB) that you're allowed for this plan. This quota is upgradeable for an extra fee per year. Your web files are stored on Sterling Arts' server. Also your incoming email is stored here temporarily until you access (download) it. You need to leave yourself enough unused disk space storage in addition to your web site files in order to hold what you might expect is your largest incoming email attachment.
    See explanation of various quotas.
  9. Web traffic transfer is a quota that limits the amount of outgoing traffic (text and image files) from your web site. This would include your web site visitors when they access various pages and images within your site (but not links to other sites). Traffic quotas (sometimes called "bandwidth") are typically not at all a concern unless you are a high-traffic site, e-commerce site, or have large files (such as video or audio/MP3 files) that are downloaded often from your site.

Connectivity access accounts (e.g., dial-up modem, DSL, cable-modem)
are not included, but may be provided by other connectivity ISPs.

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