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401, 403 (4xx) Web error pages
     Creating custom
     Debugging from browser

406 Not Acceptable Apache Error (reserved keyword)

Access Log - see Statistics

Artists & Photographers
     Information on web site creation

AWstats - see Statistics

Backups settings See also backup info
Backup/Export/Import Horde Email Address Book

Bandwidth (web transfer & quota)

Batch Jobs (crontab)

Blocked (from login, viewing website)

C-Panel (Control Panel for your Hosting Acct)
     Login to your Cpanel
     Cpanel Tutorials

Cached copy of web page (brwoser shows old version)

Capitals/Case: Upper/Lower
      in filenames, dpomain names, & email addresses

     General information, paths

CGI script info

cbi-bin directory

Change Password


Connectivity (ISP) Troubleshooting Steps for email problems

"Contact Us" Web Form

"Contact" Form - Spam

Contribute (purchase Macromedia authoring tool so you can edit your site)

ControlPanel Cpanel (see above C-panel)


Design services by

Directories- all about (folders)

Directory Listing of files on web site
     See also File Manager information

Directory Listing shown instead of index.html
    Also see Entire site: No directory listings
    Also see how to prohibit listing

Directory password protection in CPANEL

Disk Quotas (All about server & email quotas)
Disk Quotas - Whodunnit? (where space is being used)

DNS lookup troubleshooting

Domain names
     DNS settings point to SherwoodHosting
     Renewals (& transferring)
     Transferring DNS pointer(for new server)

DropBox FTP directory area set up

E-commerce shopping cart

Editing Web Pages


     OUTLOOK SETUP (servers, username, etc.)
            (see espec screenshot for settings)

     Access via web browser
     Accounts: add/remove/addresses/forwards
     Account Settings
     Address change strategy
     All about Email & set up & debuging
     AOL "Report-Spam" Button
     Attachment filtering (potential incoming viruses)
     Boxtrapper SpamBT tool
     Canned Reply: AutoResponders
     Catch-all Forwarding
     Changing to a new email address
     Cpanel Settings for Email
     Cpanel Tutorials
     Debuging Steps for email problems
     Default forwarding address
     Delete  Server Copy  of INBOX (to clean up disk space)
     "Dictionary" Email Address (info, sales, webmaster)
     Email Header defns (RFC 822)

     File Extension attachments prohibited
     Forged Return Address used by Spam Hijacking
FormMail CGI utility (Smartmail)
     Forms - Spam
     Forwarders vs. POP3 Mailboxes

     Forward (wildcard) all other addresses
     Forwarding (automatically)
     Forwards to multiple addresses
     Getting Email "on the Road"
     Heckling the server (checking for new mssgs too often)
     Hijacking: Forged Return Address Used for Spam
     Horde Webmail mailreader
       Horde WebMail Access
       Horde Direct URL access string
       Horde Address Book & Backup/Export/Import
     Hosting Features
     "Leave Message on Server" (Outlook option)
         Quota Discussion
         Strategy for reading while out of office
     Mailing List set up
     Mailing lists (overview)
     Message Header defns (RFC 822)
     Migrating to a new email address
     Netscape Messenger
     Out Of Office (Canned) Reply: AutoResponders
     Out of Office reading of email (strategy)
     OUTLOOK SETUP (servers, username, etc.)
            (see espec screenshot for settings)
     Outbox does not send
     Outlook Troubleshooting (MS Office help)
     POP3 Mailboxes vs. Forwarders
     Port 25 block
     Postini Spam Filter
     Quotas      Email warning message
     Quotas - Whodunnit? (where disk space is being used)
     Redirect (forward)
     "Report-Spam" Button in AOL
     Responders/ Auto - Reply
     Restricted File Extension for attachments
     Search order for mail delivery address matching
     Sending outwardly fails
     Set up (new mailbox in your account)
     SMTP & POP settings
     SMTP Errors for outgoing email
     Spam Assassin    Boxtrapper SpamBT tool
     Spam Filter Comparison Chart
     Spam Filter: Edgewave filter (coming soon)
     Spam Email Minimization Strategy
     Spam Return Forged Address Hijacking
     Spam Policy
     Spam tip/trick
     Spam- parsing header & tracking origins
     Transferring DNS pointer
     Troubleshooting Steps for email problems
     Vacation Reply: AutoResponders
     Virus attachment filtering (att. files disappear)
     Web Forms - Spam
  Horde (read your email via web)
     Web Mail vs. Outlook

     WebMail Access
   Whodunnit - Disk Space (where space is being used)

Error pages for web 401, 403, ...

Errors for quota exceeded

Explorer File Manager

File Manager in CPanel (directory, upload files, etc.)

File Manager web directory access information

Filename Case: Upper/Lower

Filename Extension Restrictions for Email attachments

File protection via .htaccess

Font faithfulness/rendering on web pages

Forms & FormMail CGI utility

Forms - Spam

Frontpage Information
FrontPage Extensions

              (F, cont'd next column)



FTP (transfer files to/from server)
      Account access setup
      Account settings
      Anonymous FTP, see FTP Manager
         (we do not recommend using this
          due to security issues)

      "Dropbox" inbox/pickup file area set up
      File upload/download using IE & Explorer
      Secure ftp data transfers
          (sorry we do not support at this time)

      Set up & access add'l (sub) ftp accts
Upload files using FileManager  in Cpanel (free)
      User (client) program (application) details
      Version of uploaded file not the latest
      Web access using complex URL string
      Web access using File Manager (not really ftp)

Help (Technical Support for email, web)

Hits - see Statistics (web site visitation)

.htaccess file & directory password & error direction

HTML Editing:
      File upload/download using IE & Explorer

      recently uploaded file not showing properly
      WYSIWYG Web Page Editing

https:// secure web pages

index.html file
index.html file not showing properly
index.html file search order (default, home)

Internet Connection Status (Look@HOST)

Macromedia Contribute (purchase authoring tool)

Mail Manager/Mail Account Settings

Mime types settings See also MIME Gen'l Info

Multiple email forwards or default-forwards

MySQL   See also MySQL info

Network Tools

New Server Transferring DNS pointer

Ordering Hosting Plans
     Pre-Order Information
     Submit Order

Password (change)

Password - change for ftp & email account

Password protection for (web) directories

Privacy Policy

Protection via .htaccess


Quotas (All about disk/mail account quotas)
Quota Email warning message (nearing limit)
Quotas - Whodunnit? (where space is being used)

Refresh/Reload web page in browser (to get the
                   latest copy from the server)

Restrict access to directories with passwd

Restricted File Extension for Email attachments

Search engine submission

Search order for main page(index, default, home)

Secure pages (SSL)

Server Status
  SherwoodHosting server
  Your Internet Connection Status (Look@HOST) design services

Shopping Cart

SmartMail Web Form CGI utility

Spam (see Email & Postini Spam Filter)


Statistics of web visits
     AWstats details & examples
     CPanel Access
     General information

Status, See Server Status

Streaming media

SubDomains CPANEL setup

Technical Support

Terms of Service

Typeface faithfulness/rendering on web pages

Transferring domain names & registrars
Transferring DNS pointer(for new server)

Troubleshooting Steps for email problems

Uploading web files
See also File Manager utility in Cpanel

Upper Case vs. Lower case - see Case

URL direct access for:  FTP    HORDE WEBMAIL

     Access (usage) Log - see Statistics
     Authoring & Editing Web Pages
      Cached copy of web page (shows old version)
     Design services by
     Files not uploading/showing properly
     Font faithfulness/rendering on web pages
     Getting Started (planning)
     Hosting Features
     Page Editing
     Statistics - see Statistics
     Version of uploaded file not the latest
     Web Design

Web Form (contact, etc.) (script)

WebForm Spam

WebMail - see Email

Web Visits/Hits - see Statistics

WP - WordPress

"www" prefix in URLs

WYSIWYG Web Page Editing




Terms of Service
Privacy Policy


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